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EST. 2018

Screenwriting at Victoria College is a unique club at U of T that focuses on the screenwriting aspects of film, including structure, character, dialogue, theme, and many other storytelling components. We attract students from all colleges at U of T and from a wide range of departments from both the humanities and sciences, who attend our bi-weekly club meetings. As non-specialist film enthusiasts, we did not know very much about screenwriting when we first joined the club a couple of years ago, but found that this new area of writing enriches our academic horizons and is a lot of fun.

​ Whether you are serious about the craft of screenwriting or just a casual film lover, Screenwriting at Victoria College is a community for everyone. Our regular club meetings consist of a 10- to 15-minute seminar on some aspect of screenwriting in the context of a specific film, followed by a 1-hour film discussion on a preselected or elected film that club members are expected to have already watched. We also produce a journal called Screenwriters’ Perspectives to which students can submit a screenwriting analysis on their chosen film; submit a short paragraph to our “Hidden Gems” section, detailing why a particular film deserves more attention; or submit an shorter film analysis to our “Theme of the Year” section.

​ We are a constantly evolving club and are always coming up with new activities that might appeal to our members. For example, in the past we have held a screenwriting workshop called the “Virtual Writer’s Room,” which was led by our club’s former faculty advisor, award-winning Canadian filmmaker and U of T instructor Daniel Scott Tysdal. We have also released one season of a podcast called Fade In, on which we take a critical look at cinematic storytelling across genres and individual films, which was released throughout the 2021–2022 academic year. Finally, we will be holding periodic social events throughout the year which will be informal in nature, serving as an opportunity to get to know your fellow club members. We hope you take the time to join us at any of our in-person events or check out the plethora of content we’ve released!

​– Cailin Ball & Marta Anielska, Co-Presidents 2022-2023

[If you have any questions, we welcome students to email us here.]

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